Thursday, July 8, 2010

Me and the Tea Party

I have seen the error of my ways!  I am joining the Tea Party!  All my conservative friends have finally had their influence on me.  No more nanny state.  No more ObamaCare!  Let private industry reign supreme, we can trust them (except maybe BP).

Government is Evil!  Government is Bad!  Let's start with the Feds - according to the Constitution, the only thing the Feds should do is protect our borders.  Heck, in Arizona, we (I say "we", because after all, we are ALL Arizonians!), we don't even need the Feds to do that.  Let's just form our own militia and keep the evildoers out of our borders.   Second Amendment Baby!!

Once we get rid of the Feds, we can go to work on the State Government.  They're just a bunch of fat cats anyway (especially in Georgia!).  Who needs the state to tell us what we can do with our water?  The water is in Georgia, we'll do what we want with it!

Next up is local, county and city "gummints".  Dump them as well.  Who needs fire and police protection?  If a house catches fire, let it burn.   As long as it's not my house, why should I care?  We'll fight our own crime with our own guns.  Once everyone carries, no one would be stupid enough to mess with us, right?  They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers!

As the hippies used to say, it's time to go back to the garden, or perhaps the jungle.  Survival of the fittest - that's the Darwinism I believe in!  Let the strong survive, let the weak eat dust.  As Jesus said, "To thine own self be true" (maybe it wasn't Jesus, but it was SOMEBODY important!).

In closing, I ask for your vote.  Elect me, and I will go to work for you to start dismantling the government piece by piece until there's nothing left.   Trust me ...